More Nonsense of the New Atheists.

More Nonsense of the New Atheists.

The new atheist claim that they have no burden of proof because atheism is not a belief but rather a non-belief. Right,  atheists or no one else can or cannot proof a non-belief.  Nor can they argue for or against a non-belief. In fact, you cannot even speak about a non-belief other than simply to say I do not believe.  However, I know of only a handful of atheist who refuse to speak about the subject of God and they offer arguments against his existence.

If you are arguing for or against something you are not  arguing from a non-belief because that is impossible. Moreover, When arguing against something, the argument “I don’t believe” is insufficient. It is an opinion, not an argument. If you argue you must be argue from some other position or ideology not a non-belief. You cannot as atheists do  argue against God and then claim atheism as a non-belief. Atheists must argue against God from either materialism or naturalist ideology which are beliefs. In other words, the minute they open their mouths the burden of proof lies on the one trying to proof their un-belief by the means of other beliefs. In essence, they have to borrow believes from other ideologies to speak against the belief in God.  If they don’t want any burden of proof they should simply shut their mouths and not form arguments from materialism, scientism and naturalism.