Systemic Racism

Systemic Racism

 What is racism? Well in general it is a form of bigotry based on race or the color of one’s skin.  However, bigotry goes way beyond racism. Bigotry runs through class, social standing, and even your physical looks. Using this broad definition of racism as bigotry you could say that many kinds of behavior and beliefs could fall into the area of bigotry or racism. Let’s look at a few of the forms of bigotry that is often overlooked.

One form of racism and bigotry is when you look down upon another race or group of people feeling that they are somehow lesser human and therefore should be held less responsible for their behavior.  This is nothing more than the dehumanization of a class or a race of people. It is one of the most subtle forms of prejudice and racism because it pretends to have respect for those that are dehumanized. It is the hidden racism of the white middle-class liberal and progressives which is manifested when they refuse to hold some groups responsible for their behavior. Their behavior speaks aloud to the fact that they look at that particular group as inferiors.

The same thinking can be applied to the poor. Large numbers of middle-class and upper-class people look down on the poor and refuse them the dignity of work of any kind. The reason is their low opinion of the poor which they cleverly disguised by looking upon themselves as benefactors. They treat the poor like mindless idiots or little children. This can also be applied to how the professional class views the working class. Many put no value on the work or time of the working class while at the same time charging huge amounts and fees for their services. In this regard, what is said of the professional class could equally be said of the ruling and educational class.  

What is the truth about racism and bigotry? The simple truth is that we are all racist and bigoted. It’s a part of the human condition which has been bred into us by evolution and cannot be corrected without some very negative consequences, like a new inquisition or toxic political correctness. Man, by his very nature is tribal and therefore naturally suspicious of anyone outside of his tribe or that is different in any way. It is a part of the survival instinct and is what the whole system is built around. Like it or not all cultures big or small have their classes and hierarchies. Therefore, their own set of prejudices.

Some have suggested that a different political system say communism or socialism may eliminate racism or bigotry. If history teaches us anything it teaches us that political systems cannot deal with problems of existence well. There is no evidence from history that communism or socialism or any political system can deal effectively with bigotry. Because it will only take a few generations for any social system to morph into some kind of hierarchy system. All systems end up using force and political power to control people and as soon as that happens the bigotry and racism will start all over. Does this mean that we should not do anything about racism or try to correct it? No, it simply means that we should all be humble when it comes to this sin because most are guilty of it in some form or other.

This means that racism and all kind of bigotry are systemic to all cultures and nations. It does not take much thinking on the part of a person to realize that bigotry and racism are a self-evident truth that can only be denied by those that are bigots and racist or those that are ignorant of the human condition.