Why all the social unrest?

Why all the social unrest?

It’s obvious someone is benefiting from it.  Therefore, to know where it comes from all one has to do is look for the people who are benefiting from it.  Let’s look at two examples of immigration and race.  Who benefits from massive immigration? There are a number of groups but for our purpose we will look at two.  The first of them is the large corporations that need the cheap labor that open borders provide.  This cheap labor keeps wages down and allows the corporations to make more money.  Of course this is done at the expense of the working class. It is simply a matter of supply and demand. The more labor that is available the cheaper it is.  This is especially true in a declining job market as we have here in United States.  This coupled with a system of crony capitalism  where the government works with the corporations to guarantee them cheap labor by keeping the borders open.  Of course, the same effect takes place when you implement so-called free trade laws that benefit corporations when moving out of the country. Most of our free-trade agreements benefit large and middle size corporations that have the power to use the government and the funding to move their companies offshore.  The unbalanced free trade laws do little for the American working class and Small Business.  They’re in place manly to help corporations to make more money.  Free trade is not free; someone pays for it.

Massive immigration also helps the political class that uses minorities as a part of their voting base.  This is simple math.  The more immigrants you bring in the more votes you have in your  voting bloc.  In fact, if you build this block large enough you can control the elections for decades.  This raises the question of why any political party would then try to  improve the economics of their voting bloc if in doing so, they would no longer need the help of that political party thus  eradicate its own voting bloc ?  This may explain the economics stagnation of many of the ethnic groups in our culture i.e. their political party does not want them to succeed economically, for if they do they may leave the party.

Who benefits from massive immigration?  It’s big business, the rich and powerful, that own corporations and the political parties that capture the immigrants as a voting block to strengthen their base.  In this, I find it strange that most working-class people vote for politicians and parties that support one-sided free trade and open borders.  I think the communist Lennon referred to these people as useful idiots.